Duluth's micro-juicery providing 100% raw juice, superfood smoothies, acai bowls and global inspired plant-based food. All our products are fresh and all natural for best quality, taste and nutritional value.


Juices + smoothies

All of our juices are raw and never heated for optimal nutrition and taste. Our smoothies are packed with fruits, vegetables, and organic superfoods.


acai bowls

Acai berries are a Brazilian "superfruit." Acai berries have an incredibly high amount of antioxidants. We blend this berry with a variety of fruit, coconut milk and other superfoods into an extra thick smoothie, pour it into a bowl, and top it off with a variety of fresh fruit, granola, coconut, more superfoods, and local-raw honey.


Juice cleanses

Our juice cleanses consist of six 16oz juices to help you replenish your body with nutrients. We offer 1-5 day juice cleanses. Check out our cleanse page for more information.